The aim of Electronic South Eastern Europe (e-SEE) Initiative is to better integrate SEE countries into the global, knowledge-based economy by regionally supporting the development of Information Society. The e-SEE Initiative provides a balanced policy and cooperation framework and provides one of the best examples of regional cooperation in the practice of Regional Cooperation Council. Actions undertaken by e-SEE Initiative are complementary to the effort of drawing SEE closer to EU action plans for Information Society development expressed in the current Digital Agenda for Europe.

e-SEE Initiative was launched in Istanbul in October 2000 and constituted in January 2001 with Sweden as Chair, and Croatia followed by FYROM as co-Chair. In effort to reinforce the regional ownership and to inject the Initiative with the new impetus, the Chairmanship was transferred to Serbia and Montenegro and then to Croatia, while e-SEE Secretariat, a regional knowledge hub and information resource center, is being hosted in Sarajevo by UNDP Country Office Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2002.

Led by the premise that the application of digital technology is the key factor of economic growth, employment rise and a unique vehicle for seamless integration into EU, and following the implementation of e-SEE Agenda for the development of Information Society (2002-2007), e-SEE Initiative team continues to work with dynamism to meet the goals outlined in e-SEE Agenda Plus, the strategic document for Information Society development signed at a Ministerial Conference in Sarajevo on 29 October 2007. e-SEE Initiative is receiving valuable guidance and support from UNDP, European Commission, and UNECE.